Sunday , July 3 2022

Huawei is entering the market for smart TVs


Huawei kills two birds with the launch of its Honor Smart TV. On the one hand, it announces its expansion into a new market and will also present the first use case of its home operating system called HarmonyOS,

Huawei and her smart TV

Huawei, the world's second-largest smartphone company, is now coping with the highly competitive smart TV market, facing giant Samsung, LG and Sony, players already firmly established in the industry.

smart TV

Honor, Chinese smart TV Huawei will run on its home operating system called HarmonyOS. Users will be able to test the extremely new Huawei ecosystem, which aims to compete with Android. Honor's marketing is scheduled for August 15 on the Chinese market, the company's CEO said last Sunday. For the moment no date for the launch of Honor on the international market has been announced.

Adaptation for young people

Honor obviously does not fit into the high class and sells for only 600 euros, ie. which would be well below the average price for smart TVs offered by Samsung. What's more, widget designers are targeting a young market, which does not necessarily have the resources to afford a smart TV that costs more than € 1,000.

In addition, Honor includes a retractable camera for video calling and face recognition.

The launch of Honor, which marks the first implementation of the HarmonyOS operating system, is coming at just the right time. Indeed, in less than a week because of US sanctions that weigh on Huawei, Chinese company devices will no longer run on Android, if we trust Washington's threats

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