Wednesday , September 28 2022

Huawei plans multiple US job cuts (WSJ)


Huawei, the Chinese phone giant in the Trump administration's sights, who suspects working with Beijing, will eliminate many jobs in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal.

These cuts are expected to affect the Futurewei Technologies Chinese Research and Development Center, which employs about 850 people in several states in the United States, the WSJ said.

Job cuts may turn out to be hundreds, the newspaper said, pointing out that Chinese citizens working for the center in the United States were given the opportunity to return home and keep their jobs.

The administration of Donald Trump has been lobbying with its allies around the world to do the same and prevent the Chinese group – one of the world's leading 5G technology – from taking part in building these networks. mobile telephony with very high speed.

Washington blames Huawei in close cooperation with Beijing and fears that Chinese intelligence will have access to data transferred to future networks.

Following the summit between the US president and his Chinese counterpart, Cz Jinpin, in Osaka in late June, the administration somewhat loosened by allowing US companies to sell Huawei chips, provided they do not pose a threat to national security.


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