Sunday , June 20 2021

Idrisa Shek on tensions in elections: "I have no personal concerns"

Idrisa Sek was yesterday with Dakar Archbishop Benjamin Ndia, within, he says, on "regular visits" to religious leaders. Revi's leader talks about the tense political climate and the religious leaders' appeals for restraint. "The stability of the country, the security of people and their property and the proper administration of justice are the tasks of each responsible state. And the whole country has been witnessing, over all these years, the particularly heavy, judicial and physical attacks on the opposition's actors, "he said," and we will continue: "Of course we will do everything in our power at the level of the opposition to preserve peace our country, and that in particular the choice of citizens does not change, falsify or impede, and this requires an electoral process in which the rule of law is guaranteed. "On his way, Mr Seck says there are no" personal concerns " notes at the same time that "injustice, injustice, opacity is a source of tension and violence. "The candidate Idy2019 asked for prayers for" peace and stability of the country ".

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