Monday , June 21 2021

Idrisa Shek signs Memorandum of Understanding with Women's Peacebuilding Platform

Coalition IDY2019 has met the Casamans Peacebuilding Women's Platform. This meeting was held in Sigismund as part of the hearing of the various candidates for their vision of peace in Casamans.
Idrisa Sek first believes that Kazamnes peace remains a priority after he is president of Senegal.
According to him, the main mission of a state is to eradicate everything that leads to conflict and to achieve peace in the country. Also, according to Idrissa Seck, the status of women must influence the facilitation of the peace process.
Party leader Rewmi is already joining the platform of these women, but he will also take this as a priority in his program.
Idrisa Sek, adding that "demographically, the woman influences the various decisions that need to be made for the development of our society."
Therefore, he assures, he is fully committed to supporting the final peace in Kazamans.
This meeting was attended by Amsatu Seu Sidibe, who urged all women to gather around the most important and support the project of candidate Idrisa Sek for the country's development and for peace restored.

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