Monday , June 21 2021

Idrissa Seck "obliged" to keep silent

Idrisa Shek's absence from the political scene is not unnoticed by political analysts and even by the activists of the Rhemi leader. Indeed, after the last controversial exodus of the former Prime Minister's pilgrimage, the latter is wrapped in silence. This means his visit to Dakar Archbishop Monsignor Benjamin Nadya is expected. But except for a remark on "judicial and physical aggression of power against the opposition," the presidential candidate has mitigated the heat. His communications cell did not allow journalists to quench their thirst for questions. And as if the strategy had been developed before his arrival, Idrisa Shek played the game by slipping away from the questions themselves. A way to protect ourselves from the "controversial outings" that would have been fatal to him for several days of pre-election races, which might be his last chance? But we are not what we like …

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