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(Illegal) mechanics of young Parisians to drive an electric scooter without paying


Lime Scooter

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Minors use bank card codes stolen and extracted from the internet to use electric scooters.

If you follow the rules set by each operator, you must over 18 years of age and hold a credit card to be able to afford a little trip Electric ScooterMoreover, sometimes you can be surprised when you see self-propelled two-wheeled vehicles driven by young teenagers. In fact, it has created a real system allowing this small faces to ignore the regulations.

The vigilance of the teacher who discovered the pot for the roses

This is during a banal sports class the EPS teacher a college in East Paris had guessed how his students were able to pay for their scooters. Desiring to know what might divert the attention of two high school students into class, the teacher who has already seen his protege circulating in the electrical machine neighborhood understands that his students, all under the age of 15, used deceptive means to have fun.

" There are two phones on my phone "Says the teacher of our colleagues from release, On the first mobile phone, application lime is open. On the second figure a message containing string numbers and confidential information, Indeed, the data match credit card numbers, accompanied by the expiration date and the verification card number, the known CVV. Do you see it coming? " They just use stolen scooter charging cards – regrets the professor.

Codes from the dark net

The question that deserves an answer is: how could young students have access to these credit card codes? That's simple subscribed to a conversation in ICQ messagesfollowed by 11,300 people; straw! Credit card codes appear regularly from this conversation, " Messages are written in English, there are more than 2000 per day. We say "drop" when we want them to send cards and "dd" [ pour «dead», «mort» en anglais, ndlr ]when the card does not work "Says one of the students.

The system works well. Then you must show dexterity to capture the code and not let the neighbor take it. The future traveler starts with five euros. If he sees the code running, he goes to 10, 15, and then to 20 euros. The amount depends on the bank cards used. " At American Express, you can only pay 5 euros. The best are Mastercard. When they work, we can get up to 300, 400 euros – says the boy.

Most stolen cards will come from the United StatesSome low-profile victims would not even notice the unexpected movements in their account. The codes are from the dark network where they would be available for 100 euros, Amount paid directly to the supplier who rubbed his hands in order to take advantage of the students' credulity much more exposed to him than the consequences of such actions.

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