Sunday , June 13 2021

"I'm ready to say goodbye"

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Berlin (AFP)

90-year-old New Wave director Agnes Varda said on Wednesday he "slows down" and "prepares to say goodbye" at the Berlin Film Festival, where he presents his new documentary "Varda by Agnes". ,

"I have to stop talking about myself and here I am, I have to prepare to say goodbye, to leave," said Anne Varda at a press conference.

"The point is to slow down to find the necessary peace," added the French director, who was asked if he would say goodbye to the film.

In this two-part documentary in the form of a cinema lesson to be screened on March 18 on the Arte TV channel in France, Anne Varda looks back on her career for more than 60 years.

She talked about her inspiration and her work in the 20th century in the first part, then in the 2000s when she turned more to the documentary and visual arts.

"I did a lot of lectures everywhere, at universities, film schools, all places, festivals, even small film clubs, and I thought I should make a movie now a conference," she explained.

This movie is a "way to say goodbye because I no longer want to talk about my films," the director added, saying "no longer accepting lectures" or "interviewing head-to-head."

Agnes Varda, a female pioneer for her time, returned to her debut in 1954 with her first feature film, La Pointe courte.

"There were very few female directors," she said. But "when I was making this film, what I was interested in was not to say + I was a director and I had to make a radical film," she said.

"Today it is very important that women are not only directors, but also operators of cafes, mixers, sound engineers, editors … Women gradually conquer the field of cinema," she congratulated.

The director of "Cléo de 5 à 7", who directs actress Cate Blanchett for a match for the last Cannes Film Festival, but judged to be "half-happy" with this operation, finds "a bit too chic cinema."

"It was beautiful women on beautiful stairs with beautiful dresses," she said. "Sometimes it's less effective than going to the street or meeting."

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