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In an angry maneuver Lil pushes a little more OM! – Dbrief and REMARKS of players (OM 1-2 LOSC) – Football

At the end of a game marked 35 minutes after the lawn, Lille won against Marseilles (2: 1) this Friday in Vloodrom Square as part of the 22nd day of League 1. Despite the first goal of Mario Balotelli, Marseille sinks a little more …

In V

The meeting was interrupted for more than 35 minutes …

At the end of the match, we can not move any more, including a break of more than 35 minutes after the fans hit the meadow, and Lille took Olympic Marseille (2: 1) this Friday. , as part of the 22nd day of League 1.

The evening Phocens will quickly forget, especially because of the big disappointment with the red card arbitration decisions obtained by Florian Tauvin in the second period. Dj angry, OM fans will not calm down with this failure …

VAR hurts OM

However, in the game, Phocens started this game well. A few minutes after the start of the match, Radondzic was thinking of opening the score, but after a long VAR intervention, the referee refused Mitroglu's offside position, blocking the field. from Maignan … in half an hour, OM dropped a rhythm but still dangerous, and in the center of Sarr, Maignan had to work to avoid the target against his Soumaoro camp!

A few minutes later, Mitroglu completely missed his face with Lille goalkeeper and, fortunately for him, the assistant judge lifted his flag … And while we were on vacation, Gustavo was driving Celik to the surface, and after a long VAR intervention, the man in black has determined the point of punishment … Sentence that the Pr. is transformed without shaking (0-1, 45 + 3e)!

35-minute pause for a bird on the lawn …

Returning from the dressing room, the former Angievin could quickly double after Mandandra's clearing, but Rolando made a decisive return to his line! There was a long interruption of the meeting, with more than 30 minutes of interruption after the stroke of the lawn … Back to the field, Stroutman thought he had a headache, but his experience had run out of the frame! OM returned to the game, but Taouvin lost his temper, knocking Kon and the referee logically sent him a red card.

To reverse this trend, Rudi Garcia decided to bring Balotelli, who was warmly applauded by the audience during his heat, but his shot, a few seconds of his mandate, flirted with Maillan's post … In the crowd, Pp signed a double (0-2 , 90 + 3) at the end of the counter attack too easy for LOSC! End of debates? No! At the last corner Balotelli managed to shake the nets on the head (1-2, 90 + 4)! But the referee whistled the end of the match in the crowd. Very discouraging night for OM who stays in 7th place, 12 lengths of his evening opponent, more than ever Dolphin of Saint-Germain.

Game Note: 4/10

Nice first date, which became more irritating as the referee blocked the game for a few minutes for VAR, with an apogee interruption of 35 minutes after the stroke of the lawn … the game, the two teams are not really worth it, but we will remember very much cartons distributed, including red obtained from Thauvin for the loss of self-temper …


– After a long VAR intervention to fight Gustavo of Celik in the area, the referee points to the penalty spot and Pp takes Mandanda against foot (0-1, 45 + 3).

– While OM plays 10 late play, Pp wins an express counter-attack to defeat Mandanda for the second time, a shot between the legs (0-2, 90 + 3)!

– Only a few seconds left, but on the corner Stroutmann finds Balotelli's head, which manages to catapult the ball into Maillan's net (1-2, 90 + 4).

NOTES to players

Maxifoot gave a rating (out of 10) to each player.

Man of the match: Nicholas Pp (7/10)

With the double, right wing Lille logically the man at this meeting. Pp did not realize a big first period, but his pass, which could have been decisive for Bamba and the penalty he scored right before the break, made the difference. In the second period, the former Angie continued to pose major problems of OM protection with his speed and was close to the rapid interruption, but Rolando saved his family online. Finally, after all, he was rewarded for his efforts with a second goal shot between Mandande's feet. Overtime replacement from Loc Rmy (not),


Steve Mandanda (5): It is hard to throw the Mandanda stone caught by LHS's penalty of defending at the end of the match, the goalkeeper from Marseilles could only look at the photo of the former Angels Pass. between his legs …

Bubbakar Chamber (4.5): warned in the 18th minute of a game of big bamboo attack, Minot had to stay after that. And this happened because the Chamber does not seem so busy before contacting her opponent. Replaced at 74 minutes Mario Balotelli (not), supported by the warming and even the audience, despite the tense context. For his first match, the Italian made an encouraging start with constant danger. And after a dangerous shot at Mainan's post, he started his OM adventure with the first goal of a beautiful head. The only sunlight in the philosophical evening …

Rolando (5): solid in the area of ​​the Aryan, the central defender was the only one that brought little stability to the Marseille prison. Although he was in trouble, like his team, after Tawwin was driven out, he still saved his team with a hit on Pepe's blow. Without shining, the Portuguese did not hesitate.

Luis Gustavo (2): far from calming his first bamboo match, the Brazilian has confirmed his difficulties after relegating a penalty after being close to Celik. It is true that Gustavo takes the ball, but he takes all the others with … In the second period, Pp has done very badly and, like Chamberlain, the former Bayern Munich player is not flawless on the former goal of the former Angels left him alone in axis … The game forgets fast!

Bouna Sarr (5): In his ribbon, the right side showed some difficulty against Bamba, but he had little chance of showing the image of his intervention to Lille's great opportunity. In the offensive, it was dangerous, allowing its partners to be given opportunities, especially Maignan's intervention in deflecting Soumaoro from its centers. Correct copy.

Maxim Lopez (5.5): one of the rare wedges for OM. On a good evening, Lopez initiated the first occasion for Radondzic's rejection. Subsequently, he never ceased to be the center of his team, even when the ball burned the Olympians' feet.

Kevin Strootman (6): Interesting recovery, Strootman still presents some gaps in accommodation. his discharge was only a few centimeters when the shot thrown by grass fans broke out. And this did not prevent him from achieving a good recovery of his head from his return to the field, but his experience did not capture the frame. Notice also his decisive pass for Balotelli at the end of the match at the corner.

Jordan Amavi (4): The author of an interesting start of the match, including this first perfect Tauwin flight center, the left side then struggled to keep pace. Without being really guilty about the goals, the actions come from the same country … It was not bad, but it is not enough. Replace the 87th minute with Christopher Roccia (not),

Florian Tauvin (3): good recovery of the flying repulsions from the Horse and then, nothing … Or almost. After the break of the 35 minutes Marseille lost their nerves and showed excessive engagement with Kon. If the referee was injured by turning it off directly, despite the limitation at the end of the action, the wing must control his movements during this period for the OM. It was a shame because at that moment OM had only one goal behind Lil, and his presence on the grass could change things.

Konstantinos Mitroglu (2): what a nightmare! did not score goal, Mitroglu managed to cancel a goal for his team because of his ambush. True, the masked Greek Mayuni, and that's too bad for the poor Radonjic! Subsequently, the former Benfica player continued to be mdiocrit, either in his face against Maignan, or his passages never at the right pace …

Nemanja Radonzic (5.5): disappointing match for Radonjic. Soon after the start of the game, the Serb thought to open the jump after a close strike, but the Referee finally canceled Mitroglu's offside position. Consequently, the former Belgrade player did not stop moving on his left, offering many solutions and matching his partners. This is certainly his best match since his arrival and encouraging performance for the future.

Lil :

Mike Mayenan (5.5): fired at the goal of Radondzic's refusal, Maignan stepped out of the big game with a reflexive coin before … Soumaoro, who was going to score a goal against him! Subsequently, Lille's goal keeper left no chance to OM attackers, but Balotelli managed to find the corner mistake.

Mehmet Elik (5.5): Overcame by Amavi-Radondzic's duo at the start of the game, on the right side it was difficult to keep his way down. But when his team found colors, he gained confidence and managed to get a sanction by himself, having done very well with Luis Gustavo's support. Right, right Lille did not object to the accusation that Marseille was forced to give up her vacation spot for Jrmy Foot (5), suffering during the second period.

Joss Fonte (6): finally a quiet meeting for Lille's head of defense against the ghostly Mitroglu. In the field of the Arians, Fonte leaves no chance for his direct opponent. However, he suffered at the end of the match when OM pushed.

Adama Sumaaro (5): Like Fonte, Sumauro was expected to suffer more than OM. But the Dogees captain was pretty good, though he could score a goal against his camp without a nice Maiden's parade, and signaled it from a nasty Mitroglu backplate. To mark his duel, Arrian lost Balotelli's goal.

Jusuf Kon (4.5): Difficult coincidence for left-handed. On the Sarr mountains he never managed to stop him and the best offshoots Marseille always come from his ribbon. Very discreetly insulting, he simply had the merit of deporting Taouvin. It is still a little soft and withdrawn compared to its partners.

Tiago Mendes (5.5): In the first period, the Brazilian is gaining momentum during the game. The recovery of his work and the direction of the game made very good in LOSC.

Xeka (5.5): Like Mendes, Xeka was completely overtaken by midfielder Marseille at the start of the first period. But he also quickly recovered and he is not unknown to the second face of the LOSC after the first half-hour game.

Nicholas Pepe (7): see the comment above.

Jonathan Icone (6): Despite the first difficult period of the offensive plan, the former Parisian never thought his efforts with defensive retreat were very valuable. Useful for his team counters with his speed, he is also the author of the decisive pass of the second goal of Pp.

Jonathan Bamba (5): Despite the good activity during the first period, Bamba was cool in one of his actions when Pp sent it to the target and finally returned from Sarr and Gustavo. During the second period, the former Stphanois also defended, as did others.

Raphael Leo (4): Very complicated match for Leao. Invisible in the first period, the Portuguese could save the match against Mandanda, but his shot did not catch the frame. After 88 minutes, BuBacari Sumar (not),

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MARSEILLE 1-2 LILLE (middle of tps: 0-1) – FRANCE – League 1/22 day
Stadium: Orange Vlodrome – Judge: Amaury Delerue

objectives : Mr. Balotelli (90 + 6e) for MARSEILLE – N.Pp (45 + 3, pen.) N.Pp (90 + 4e) for LILLE
warnings : B. Chamberlain (18th), Luis Gustavo (45 + 1f), K. Strootman (45 + 2f), N. Radondzic (73rd), Rolando (90th), for MARSEILLE – A. Sumaoro (50th), Rafael Leo (66th), Xeka (70th), for LILLE – displacement : F. Thauvin (67th) for MARSEILLE

MARSILIA : S. MandandaB. Chamberlain (M. Balotelli, 74th), Rolando, Luis GustavoB. Sarr, Mr. Lopez, K. Strootman, J. Amavi (C. Rocchia, 88th)F. Thauvin, K. Mitroglu (C. Nagy, 74th), N. Radonjic

Lil : Mr. MaignanM. elik (J. Pied, 49th), Joss Fonte, A. Suddenly, Y. KonTiago Mendes, XekaN. Pp (L. Rmy, 90 + 5), J. Ikon, J. BambaRafael Leo (B. Sumar, 88th)

Prior to the meeting, OM's supporters again took the direction …

Radonjic quickly opened the score but his goal was denied after VAR intervention …

Shortly before the break, VAR agreed to Celik's punishment for this attack by Gustavo

And shave on the right side of LOSCrisque to remember …

Without trembling, Pp gave LOSC an advantage for punishment (0-1, 45 + 3)!

57 minutes a bird broke out on the lawn and the meeting was interrupted for 35 minutes

Shortly after the reboot, Taouvin vanished before the Kon and the referee kicked him …

In digital supremacy, Dogues drilled the nails thanks to Pp (0-2, 90 + 3e)

Balotelli managed to save the honor by putting his first goal with OM (1-2, 90 + 4e)

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