Friday , June 18 2021

In Dakar Usmane Sonko presents his economic program

DACCAR, Feb. 3 (APS) – The presidential candidate of Sonko's presidential election on February 24, Usmeane Sonko, stressed on Sunday his economic policy program on the first day of his election campaign, which wants to be ambitious about of the "imperative" of the industrialization of Senegal, for example.

"We have an ambitious economic policy agenda," including an "imperative" for the industrialization of Senegal, "because we have never had an industrial policy," he said.

Southeastern Patriots for Work, Ethics and Brotherhood (PASTEF) began their campaign in the city of Dakar, crossing several areas of the capital, including Ngor, Ouakam, University of Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD). from Dakar, Burguga Boulevard, Sandaga Market, Medina, before completing with General de Gaulle Boulevard where he held his meeting.

Oswane Sonko mentioned other points in his program, which are about reducing the lifestyle of the state, renegotiating contracts for the exploitation of natural and mining resources.

He also highlighted other aspects such as land reform, agriculture, fisheries, livestock, tourism.

In particular, in the fisheries sector, Sommeko Sonko says his program aims to protect the craft sector, which he believes is still dying, with a focus on the protection of fish stocks.

As far as the social aspect is concerned, the candidate of the President Choco Coalition stressed the need to extend universal health coverage to all sections of the population.

The rethinking of the education system through the state school, which is currently in pain, despite the elites who have left, is also among the points raised by Usmane Sonko.

"We are 20 days away from victory, the struggle is no longer a struggle for political parties, the only party that exists here is Senegal," he told the audience.

He urged activists and supporters to become "special envoys" and "prophets" of his program to Senegalese voters.

"When we go to Senegal, we have pain. Senegalese suffers in his flesh and in silence while there are people who abuse his resources, "he complained, urging the population to be" very demanding "in terms of actors' policies.

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