Sunday , July 3 2022

"In Rwanda, the state no longer buys the administration's vehicles … This rationalization will first touch ministers and directors … Many telephone lines were cut off during Maki's time"


Saying his regime has spent $ 307 billion on vehicle purchases since 2012, more than $ 43 billion a year, President McKee Sol has shown courage, according to the ADIE director. Cheikh Bakhoum, in the Grand Jury this Sunday, really welcomes the decision to inform honest and genuine Senegalese by giving real figures, acknowledging that they are excessive. "That's an excessive amount!" The president is launching the idea that he is no longer following the budget line. This will avoid maintenance, which will no longer be the responsibility of the state. In Rwanda, the state no longer buys vehicles for administration (…) & # 39; & # 39;

Sheikh Bakum pointed out, inter alia, that the evil dates from well before the last alternation. & # 39; & # 39; Since 1960, the state has been buying for the administration. This is an advantage and it is very difficult to touch the profits. However, we must admit that we had four modes that worked this way. It is great that we are a government that works to rationalize our spending. Making this choice, we will make a big step. This rationalization will first affect the ministers, the directors we are. This is a big reform … When you spend so much on the state's fleet, it is good to stop. "

Sheikh Bakum said the logic is disgusting that such costs are being made, while in places such as Kpententum, Kusanar and Fatik, people expect an increase in the standard of living.

To prove that the Sall regime has always tried to reduce its operating costs, the ADIE director will talk about the decision taken to remove certain telephone lines that are not actually justified. "Many lines have been broken since 2012. The president has instructed his government through his prime minister to set up a committee to work along those lines to cut his spending by more than $ 11 billion. She will specify that 18 billion 341 million were saved in 2014 and more than 745 million in 2018 compared to the administration's telephony and internet.

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