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Ivorian singer DJ Arafat dies in an accident, a popular emotion

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Ivorian singer DJ Arafat at a ceremony in Abidjan on October 2, 2017 Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

Ivorian Public Radio Television (RTI) announced its death on Monday, August 12, while information about its incident circulated for several hours on social networks. DJ Arafat, whose real name is Angie Didier Huon, is dead "8am Monday at Abidjan Hospital, "after an accident at night " in the Ivorian economic capital, RTI reported in its Twitter account.

According to Sovik, the coupé manager, DJ Arafat, who is a big fan of motorcycle riders, suffered a head injury after striking a car in Angre, northern Abidjan. He was taken to a coma hospital before he died in the morning. Serge Beyno and Debordo, two other coupe stars, sometimes Arafat's rivals on the art scene or the media, shouted an "icon" of Ivorian music during a special tribune broadcast on the RTI.

Baby Philip, another coupe star and former DJ Arafat arranger, said he was "very touched". On Twitter, footballer Didier Drogba posted a picture of the singer, who is a big football fan, with a heart. According to the Ivorian Alerte Info website, hundreds of fans gathered in the evening near the home of the deceased star to pay tribute to him, rehearsing his hits.

For several hours during the day, a crowd of thousands of crying young fans gathered in front of the Two Plateau Clinic in Kokodi, where the singer died. Disbelieving the message of his death, fans chanted "Arafat Can't Die ", The police had to intervene to detain them. "It hurts me a lot. I didn't believe it, I came to see "said fan, Estelle Olai. "This is Africa's Daishinkan, " for Ibrahim Tapsub, in connection with the singer's nickname, taken by a cartoon superhero. DJ Arafat was appointed "best artist of the year", to "Coupe-Offbeat Awards" Aired in 2016 and 2017.

Music genre, but also attitude, intermittent, insane music, often using electronic sounds, was born in 2003 in Ivorian nightclubs and then spread throughout Africa. He began to conquer Europe and the United States, thanks to athletes who promoted some dance steps. "We're all in shock," testifies Ickx Fontaine, Ivorian producer and hip-hop specialist. DJ Arafat was "At the highest level of 15 years and his first pipe + Jonathan +, it was impressive." "He was a true singer and drummer (…), giving a fresh breath to the cut– he said.

All over Africa

DJ Arafat was "a monument to the Ivorian music "," he performed concerts all over Africa ", says Ozone, a hip-hop producer and television presenter. "He had a natural charisma," would remain a force for Ivorian and African music.

His fans mourn the accidental death in Abidjan of singer DJ Arafat on August 12. Photo: AFP / VNA / CVN

DJ Arafat was born in the music world. Her mother was a famous singer and her father a famous sound engineer. "He was a very demanding artist, he worked a lot," according to Sovik. It began in the early 2000s as a DJ at Princess Street clubs in Yopugon, one of the highlights of Abidjan night, and was quickly renowned.

"He had a special sound, accelerated the cut and came up with another way to dance, spectacular, " Sovik emphasized. "He was also good at marketing. He was buzzing. He always had to talk about him. He always wanted to be on the page." Among his pipes we can remember kpangor (2005) Zoropoto (2011) Blessed child (2018). His latest single was titled Motorcycle motorcycle,

The Minister of Culture of Ivoria, Maurice Cuacou Bandaman, introduced himself "His condolences to lovers of family and music"and indicated that arrangements would be made for "tribute to the artist", according to a statement released by RTI.


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