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Jacques Andriot Award (Gr.II): Arlington's Dream, Never Two Without Three

Jacques Andriot Award (Gr.II): Arlington's Dream, Never Two Without Three

A dream in Arlington

Double winner of the Jacques Andrière (Group II)
under the saddle), the protégé of the inevitable Philip Aller, A dream in Arlington, will try to add a
a new success for his record. Like last year, the son of Ready money we will have to make the distance
Above all, be wise from one end of the course to the other. after
modest return to Prix Jean Dumouch (Gr.III), he has just entered
big progress in Prix Jules Lemonnier (Gr.II), flying in the middle
while winning a race. If everything goes well this time, switching to
three are in range. His most serious rival can be
a resident of Robert Berg, Mindyourvalue
W. F.
, who just won the Prix de Lille in the team after having
twice in the discipline that interests us here. Vulcan Belanda, which finds little about
His little best feelings are also a very serious candidate
First places, as Sebastian Hardy explains: "After Lyme disease, he completely relaxed us
this winter. His last races are good. He is well ahead of that
Award of Jacques Andrière. He is ready to do his best. "
the same
note regarding highly prized Clegs
which equals good results in this kind
confrontations. Attention also consent
which – Do not deserve
last at Prix Djérid, where the short distance was not his
advantage "
according to Jérôme Dubreil. "This
will be much better on this route. At work he is perfect. It will also be déferré
four feet, which did not happen to him for several months. before
he has only a fourth or fifth chance. But we know
never … "
Easy award winner Yvonnick Bodin, Beau de Grimoult I will try to mix the cards. His mentor
Frank Ann adds: – We had
makes the Yvonncik Bodin award a goal he has accomplished. Here the test is a lot
identified. He is well placed at the head and we are trying to hit, but before that I do not
can only consider four, fifth. Matilde Collett could not have been
end of December. He makes him happy by returning it to him. "

Council of the Agency,
26/01/2019 17:55:00 CET

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