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Japan begins to test Shinkansen's ALFA-X –

Dakarmidi – It will take a long time before you can enjoy your 400-kilometer meter distances. Putting it into operation is not planned until 2030. And although it will really be able to reach that speed, it will transport its passengers at a speed of 360 km / h. Not as fast as magnetic levitation in Shanghai but faster than ours TGV.

the fastest train in the world

When it comes into operation it must be the fastest train in the world. The hyperopic is divided into a beast. First of all, Shinkansen ALFA-X has to undergo three years of intensive testing. They will be held after midnight, every two weeks, on stretches of the Aomori and Sendai track.

The train itself has 10 cars and is recognized on its special nose with a length of almost 22 meters. The device will also be tested with a "16-foot" nose. To reach such high speeds, it will use magnetic plates under the track and air brakes on the roof to slow it down.

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