Monday , October 3 2022

Jessica Tiviven, pregnant and pinned to the bed, no longer feels a baby and has great anxiety (VIDEO)


Since she is on a bed, Jessica Tiviven (who made a beautiful love affair with Thibault Garcia on social networks) is more concerned than before … She could hardly fall asleep tonight as she no longer felt her baby moving in her stomach. Yet very active, "beb & # 39; z" decided to give his mother a break, but the mother ended up with an agonizing attack. Fortunately, Thibault Garcia was there to reassure her, and when her baby started to move in the middle of the night, she managed to sleep very calmly.

Jessica Tyvenn and Tibo
Jessica Tyvenn and Tibo

Jessica Tivrien is no longer anxious and she can resume her life in peace … At her Snapchat account, she also adds that she listens to her body when she feels she needs to sleep or eat whatever day or night. Besides, Thibault Garcia did not hesitate to shoot Jessica Tviven in a full nap and it's pretty fun to see! Even through this difficult trial, the two newlyweds support each other and, above all, continue to smile … Jessica Tiveni and Tibor Garcia have found themselves and prove it again!

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