Wednesday , August 10 2022

Juventus invites Romulus Lukaku with a tempting offer


Juventus is currently in a degreasing period. It has to be said that Turinese hit very quickly in the transfer window and recorded the arrival of Matthijs de Ligt, Adrien Rabiot or Aaron Ramsey. But we will have to make room for this beautiful world, and players like Sami Hidea, Blees Matthew and Moses Keane are on their way …

The future of another player speaks a lot about Piedmont. This is that of Paulo Dubala, who is coming out of quite a medium season. The Argentine striker is specifically named before Tottenham and in Italy says that the Turin leaders will not necessarily oppose the departure. The Italian champion's staff is thus considering a future without him Joyawhich a year ago seemed unthinkable.

Paulo Diballa in the deal?

But Andrea Annelli and the company do not lose the North … Instead of sharing with Paulo Dibala in a classic transfer, they want to use it as a trading coin to continue to strengthen. Sky Sports presents when Juve is preparing an offer for Romulus Lukaku, striker Manchester United. And the old lady will be ready to include Paulo Dibala in the deal.

The latest news that the Red Devil has requested 87 million euros for his player. The inclusion of Argentina in the offer would therefore significantly reduce the price. An element that could be decisive, especially since the Manqueenans are struggling to find an attacker now after they have been relegated to Arsenal for Pierre-Americas Obameyang. The name of Musa Dembele is also mentioned. Case to follow so …

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