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Killian Mabape: Documentaries of XXL, Reflections of XXS – TV

He is not twenty years old, and L 'Equipe channel devotes him a second documentary. Broadcast this evening (8:50), Kylian Mbappé's second episode: unusual "remains more successful than the Canal + and M6 films, symptomatic difficulties to speak objectively about the God of football.

Now we know we have to follow Killian Babe quickly. In this game, the L 'Equipe chain took a step forward. It attracts this Monday, November 26, a second documentary about the child's miracle, one year after the success Kylian Mbappé, out of the ordinary,

In November 2017, journalists Sébastien Tarrago, Fabien Touati and Guillaume Dufy arrived at the exact moment to dissect the phenomenon Mbappé: talent, intelligence, great maturity. Six months later, Canal +, in turn, wanted to highlight the striker of the PSG, a great appeal product for League One, Sports interior where the player himself spoke (exception). Tuesday, November 20, 2018, M6, now a TV operator of the French team, went there from his hagiography with Kilian Mabapi: the secrets of a talent(in a repeat of 6play) who did not hesitate to put big links without the same paper gift as Canal +. And this is not over: TF1, another Blues broadcaster, joins the ranks to 50 minutes inside, In short, Mbappé is the 21st century pellet. A little genius, the easier to meet he is right next door to Paris.

Movie in search of originality

In that Kylian Mbappé, non-standard II, he is for Sebastian Tarago (co-director with Fabien Touati and Guillaume Duffy again) from "To trace the year 2018, when Mbappé had a global impact", a week before the delivery of the "Golden Ball" broadcast on the channel. This goal made it almost imperative to buy images. If the goals of France-Argentina still have the same effect as Mbappé in action is also the opportunity to allow athletic coach Guy Ontonon to dissect his atypical pace. One of the interesting testimonies of a movie in search of originality. Vivienne Walt, journalist at road, puts his meetings with Emanuel Macron and Kilian Mabappe on a par with a few weeks. Luka Modric and Antoine Grisan, caught in interviews called "Balloon d'Or" football (Equipe group), are not far from avoiding placidity. And the film is an interview with Bruno Irles, one of Mbappé's lecturers, who outlines his progress. For Alain Mobma, a close friend of the family, "Kelian knows there are things to fix but for him they are insignificant",

"Nobody said Mbappé was perfect" … but almost

In the image of this very gentle look at one of his little sins of pride, the shortcomings of the player always appear to be in the positive light in the documentary. this External Standards II does not try to understand the humorous gesture that costs the Mbappé red card at Nims last September, but it's just a communication error after the match ("If it was again, I would do it again"), seen as a very reversible hot reaction. In Marseille, on October 28, he was punished by his coach for his arrival later in chat. Instead of questioning this dilettantism, the film retains only the exceptional reaction of the player, the scorer five minutes after entering the game. Sébastien Tarrago believes that "This is something that happens and no one has ever said that Mbappé is perfect. He is sanctioned, behind him he wins his team. "

Expulsion of Mbappé at Stade des Costières in Nîmes on 1 September 2018

Expulsion of Mbappé at Stade des Costières in Nîmes on 1 September 2018

Photo: SEBASTIAN MUD / Sports Press

The mistake is human and even if we sometimes have the impression that Mbappé is not quite normal, it would certainly be wrong to just criticize a slight slip, quite common. However, one may wonder whether these two events are the consequences of the incredible media boom the child (who is 20 years old on 20 December 2018) has survived for a year and a half. Even in talented people, we imagine the possible consequences.

Where did football leakage go?

Especially since Mbappé already wants to be the king of the world. The football leaks have taught us the hard financial claims he made with his entourage during the negotiations with Monaco and PSG. But that does not say anything about the player, according to Sebastian Tarago: "Football leakage is very interesting to understand what football is today and PSG for example, but in the case of Mbappé, we are in absolute demagogy, just negotiate a contract." If the player's determination to be the most paid to Monaco and the PSG (in the event of the Golden Ball) seems to be causing a certain relationship with his teammates, Sebastian Tarragos prefers to avoid – Get sick with the pretense that you have to make a buzz. Mbappé and other players of his caliber necessarily have an excessive ego. Otherwise they will not succeed in these careers. "

And do not rely on M6 to ask this question. Not just a documentary Kilian Mabapi: the secrets of a talent he never talks about the term "football leaks," but retains only the charitable virtues of the young man who paid his entire Bonus "Mondial" to a charity. "In the Biggest Secret", according to the comment. Nobody knows it except us.

An embarrassing inclination that becomes completely disinformation when Jacques Vendrow and Nicolas Sarkozy (yes, yes) play specialists explaining the PSG's choice in August 2017: the love of the club. The football leaks revealed that the heart of the native Bondy vibrated much more about Real, but he chose Paris for reasons, afraid to play in Madrid if Gareth Bale stayed there.

Testifies to die of laughter

The ambitions of the M6 ​​do not go beyond the simple desire to add a few more stars to children's eyes. We will remember the shining images of Nicolas Sarkozy and Christopher Barbier, whose full moon testimonies will die of laughter. "At the end of this magnificent replica, the French team has the tip, the tip that lets it break through the opponents, and this advice is Mbappé", dares the former editor – in – chief The Express in a lyrical impulse supported by epic music that will become a crescendo. In short, we just wonder what Gregory Schneider, an excellent journalist on release, came to this galley. His little interviews give a point (still) interest in a film whose rare good moments are a pale copy of the first Beyond Standards of the team.

we like a bit "height =" 14 "src =" Kylian Mbappé, non-standard II, a documentary by Sébastien Tarrago, Fabien Touati and Guillaume Dufy (France, 2018). 40 minutes. Unpublished. This Monday, November 26th at 20:50 hours at L 'Equipe.

we do not like it at all "height =" 14 "src =" T Kilian Mabapi: the secrets of a talent, a documentary by Timothy Vienne (France, 2018). 50 minutes. Unpublished. In a repeat of 6play.

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