Wednesday , June 16 2021

Lady Diana: A New Part of Life at Kensington Palace

Lady Diana

The courageous confidence that Lady Diana would make to one of her close friends for her princess life came up through a documentary whose last episode was broadcast on February 12, 2019. Channel 5In this documentary, Egyptian lovers Dodi al-Fayed reported their trials in the royal palace.

This is an unpublished documentary series that shows it's here, just shed light on the life of Princess Diana. Opportunity, the newspaper says, to find a fairytale that has quickly become a nightmare. Diana Spencer, who became Princess of Wales on July 29, 1981, had many disappointments at Kensington Palace. Lady Diana spent the first years of her life in the castle, trying to seduce Prince Charles she was in love with, but she had only eyes for another woman: Camilla Parker Bowles in this case.

Hard times, Lady Diana knows the Kensington palace because of his rough connection with Queen Elizabeth II, who criticizes him, thanks to his open mind, to steal the show of Prince Charles. Lady was under special surveillance, "which she did not manage to do as she told former TV host Jeremy Paxman," she wrote. it's here, who did not fail to mention the lovers Lady Diana received in her apartment and which caused the curiosity of Queen Elizabeth II.

In a documentary whose last episode is being broadcast on Tuesday, Channel 5, Jeremy Paxman returns to a "hard sense" discussion with Lady Diana, who "looked really, really," in Kensington Palace.

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