Monday , October 3 2022

Laura Smeet says she's ready to become a mother


"This would not like what is happening now"Decided not to be touched by this painful experience, Laura Smeeth wants to honor the rocker's memory as much as possible:" I really would like to make my dad's place huge. artist, singer, translator as little, French Elvis Presley. Although his image can not be tainted – his talent is above all.

Married to Rafael Lancre-Javal on June 15, she is now planning to create a family: "I just moved to a new apartment with my husband and son 11 years old, and I'm good at my sneakers. A date due to chance, even if it is his 76th birthday day, which died more than a year ago. "Something crazy happened, like all the signs I can have with my father: I did not choose the date, but we wanted her to be in Cape Fere, where I'm going to twenty. three years, with very close friends, Barterot, "she says. In fact, I met my brother from the moment the father became ill. (…) When I was a young man, I saw him as a prince: I did not know who he was, I was considered a child.

On Friday, July 12, in Madame Figaro, which she covers, Laura Smeet has trusted several topics, including the hereditary war. The director should not hesitate long before accepting. We do not have to talk to each other in order to get along with each other. He stopped sleeping all night to call meAs a reminder, Laura Smeet made the music video My last letter the number of opinions is close to millions.

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