Sunday , July 25 2021

"Let someone else mark their 100%!"

From what he tells us in the brief discussion we had with him, it is clear that he has won his municipality. He does not allow anyone to tell him about it. "Not only did I win, but I won as no one else," said the Mayor of Agam in the Matam area.

"I did 100%, there were 198 voters and all 198 voted for President Mackay Sal, and none of his opponents had the freedom to have one vote, all of them having zero.

Farba Ngom, armed with the protocols from the only office erected in the locality, to challenge everyone. "Let others who have done like me show up. No matter how you wait, you will not see anyone. I'm starting this challenge. Someone else yells 100%! Agam is owned by President Mackay Sal.

Color Ngom, also a plenipotentiary representative and unanimously appointed by his colleagues, enjoyed, among others, the outstanding result recorded in Matam's department. "We did 93.6%, almost 94% in Matam. That means the opposition here is almost ghostly, "he concluded.

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