Wednesday , September 28 2022

Louis Ducruet reveals his plans for the future


In addition to his marriage, Prince Louis DUROROET, nephew of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco and son of Princess Stephanie of Monaco presented in a rare and exclusive interview Hello Monaco, his many projects for the future.

At 26, Louis Ducroue knows exactly what he wants. He is the one who chose to marry Marie Chevalier for her marriage to the Cathedral of Monaco while the couple will be surrounded by their families and friends, as well as by some dignitaries of the Principality. The young man is indeed very fond of feeling the presence of his grandfather, Prince Renier III of Monaco, who married there. " I admired the fact that I saw him talking to people because he was so natural and sensitive to every palace employee He remembers. The couple also decided to move to Monaco after living in the United States for their training. " It was the best solution for us ".

Football as a profession and passion.

If the baby is part of their projects, Louis and Marie want to wait a little longer. Luis has just started working for AS Monaco, directly with Vice President Oleg Petrov, which allows him to fuel his passion for football. " It's the best thing in life to go to work. I was very happy because it is difficult to break into this environment but I try to prove myself every day that I deserve this job. I have to show that I am competent and to learn He continue. While waiting for return, the prince can take advantage of his favorite places in Monaco: Condamine, Brasserie of Monaco and Planet Pasta.

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