Tuesday , July 27 2021

M6: Integrating a radio boom brought profitability in the first quarter

Agefi-Dow Jones – The M6 ​​announced its fourth-quarter improvement in the operating margin of 70 basis points in the first quarter, 18.6%, taking advantage of the integration of the radio.

In the first quarter, current operating revenues of M6 increased by 3.5% to EUR 64.2 million as a result of the implementation of synergies related to radio network integration, which is in line with the acquisition of the business. RTL Group radio stations at the end of 2017

Thus, the Group's operating margin improved by 70 basis points in the first quarter to 18.6%. Turnover stabilized for the period of EUR 345.7 million.

Ad revenue, however, rose by 2.9% in the quarter to 259.4 million euros. Revenue from TV channel advertising increased by 2%, 207.3 million euros, thanks to "their effectiveness in strategic time intervals," a press release said.

Summoned Thursday, the M6 ​​General Assembly will approve the payment of a dividend of € 1 per share for the financial year 2018, offering an income of 7.1%, calculated on the last price of the share. last year.

– Dimitri Delmand, Agefi-Dow Jones; +33 (0) 1 41 27 47 31; [email protected] ed: VLV



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