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Macky Sall to Minister Mustafa Diop: "It is very difficult to rely on a sincere friendship in these times that are being fulfilled"


President Mackay Sal has expressed condolences to Minister Mustafa Diop on Saturday after his father's death in early June. Many political ceremony of the others with a strong mobilization of activists of the mayor of Luga.

These were very political condolences. The president of the republic visited the Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, who lost his father El Hajd Amadou Basiro Diop in early June. After arriving at Mustafa Diop's home at the Northern Fair, Mackay Sal was particularly impressed by the strong mobilization of activists and relatives of the Luga mayor who came to meet him. Many buses thrown under the tents raised hundreds of fighters claiming the presidential race from Luga. "First I wanted to come and express my condolences, but Mustafa asked me to postpone it. So we had to prepare this surprise (Ed: Strong mobilization). This is new! For the first time, the President is invited to postpone his visit, "notes the head of state, accompanied by a strong delegation of MPs and ministers.
On this occasion, the AP president has revealed that he has never believed in the chance of Minister Mustafa Diop to become Mayor of Luga to local residents in 2014. "I still remember the day he came to tell me he wanted to run the City Hall I told him, "Mustafa Diop stays at your home." He said, "If I do not win, you punish me." I told him I was a man who loved the challenges and I would try it out so I accepted his challenge to be sanctioned if he did not win the city of Luga, and eventually came to the city of Lugas. President Sal said the minister was "one of his best friends." Although he emphasizes, "it is very difficult to rely on sincere friendship at the time." The ruling party leader still relies on the "mighty power" of Luga and the Mayor's leadership to win the mayor of the next Local, because, according to Mackay Sal, "Mustafa Diope loves victory." And not only "He is a man who demonstrates his commitment to me, his loyalty and especially openness. He is a brave and hard-working man, a faithful and worthy man, "said the head of state to his minister, who returned to the elevator and said he was" his soldier, "ready to go. commit yourself to success.
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