Wednesday , July 28 2021

Macky tracks 350 million in the account "Y already fed up"

already full 696x522
already full 696×522

The withdrawal of approval for Leading Africa began to reveal its secret. According to Source A, the State is tracking 350 million CFA francs, which will be received by "Ong". The envelope was released in two stages: 150 million in 2017 and 200 million in 2018.

To clarify the situation, Source A informed, the authorities, in early November, sent official notifications to Oxfam and Enda, who allegedly allocated questionable funds through Lead Africa.

The newspaper reported that in a notification sent to Lead Africa, which he consulted, the authorities showed violations of laws that set out NGO intervention methods in Senegal (2015-45 Decree of 4 February 2015), by granting funds to "Y already fed up" without movement which is recognized as a public utility association.

Ong Oxfam and Enda, said Source A, the risk of being revoked in turn, apparently for the same reason: the distance to "Y is fed up"

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