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Manhattan's Starbucks Pest Bands: Law Against Coffee Refueling Act to Use Toxic Pesticides In Shops

  • Poison-resistant tapes that emit toxic gases could be used to control fruit flies and other pests at Manhattan's Starbucks stores, posing a risk to the safety of workers and customers, claiming two court cases.
  • Starbucks dismisses ungrounded allegations, saying that lawyers and plaintiffs involved are trying to "incite the public to fear for their own financial gain."
  • The coffee chain said it quickly took out the stores of unauthorized pest control products as soon as they learned they were being used and that the safety of the customer and the third party was never. compromised.

Starbucks stores in New York have reported pest control products that emit toxic fumes near bagels, sweets and coffee beverages to control fruit flies and other insects endangering the health of their employees and clients, say two cases , filed on Tuesday.

"Starbucks stores in Manhattan have been impregnated for many years with a toxic pesticide called dichlorvos, which is very and totally unsuitable for use in the vicinity of food, drink and people," says a US collective claim lawsuit . the name of 10 clients of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

Also known as DDVP, the pesticide is an active ingredient in non-harmful bands produced by Spectrum Brands, a product that can be purchased at home and online stores, but is not intended for use in places where food is prepared.

Over the last three years, AVP Termite & Pest Control's licensed pest control technician, Paul O'Aura, has concealed hidden cones in Starbucks's pastries and pastries over the past three years. years. He provided Starbucks destruction services in New York from 2013 to June. 2018, claimed one of the lawsuits. Durian Auria said he had personally seen Starbucks employees put DDVP "anti-pests" in almost every one of the more than 100 stores he served.

Non-harmful tape produced by Spectrum Brands, a pest control product that can be purchased from home improvement and online retailers, but is not intended to be used near or near people where food is prepare.

Tagging the Spectrum

Aura shared his concerns with his manager, who sent the complaints to Starbucks management. Regional and district officials have been informed of the danger several times since 2015, the complaint said. Still, Starbucks continues to allow the use of pest strips in its Manhattan stores, leaving the opportunity to pollute the food and beverages that Starbucks sells to consumers as the most premium products. "

The lawsuit filed at a New York County District Court seeks compensation for D'Auria, his head and former director of Starbucks, who would be suspended after expressing concern about the death penalty. use of pest strips. Starbucks has terminated the AVP contract in June 2018

When Starbucks learned that some of his employees have used pest control products that violated company standards, he took them out of their stores, according to a spokesman for Starbucks on Tuesday, who can not immediately give the company a deadline. use or download products. , Starbucks does not serve food from customers on its displays, the spokesman said.

"The lawsuits brought by the plaintiffs and their lawyers are, in our opinion, unfounded and are an attempt to induce the public to fear for their own financial gain," said the caffeine gentleman.

"We are doing very good things to ensure the safety of our partners and customers and we are confident that they are not threatened," the spokesman said, saying a third party confirmed the findings. The company also refuted the idea that someone would lose their jobs to express their concern.

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