Monday , October 3 2022

Mbaye Guèye is official: "Boy Niang 2 must leave Balla Gaye 2 alone, sooner or later …"


The continuation of the July 13 confrontation between Lake Valo and Boy Niang 2 of Pikin continues. Mbaye Guèye, Fass's first tiger, is disappointed with the performance of the two fighters. But, according to him, the guilt lies mostly with Fighting Niang 2. He claims that Thiapathioli must leave Bala Gay 2 alone and focus on his career.

"Boy Niang 2 must leave Guyyaue's lion and plan another fighter." He has many potential opponents in the arena, and sooner or later he will inherit Balla Gaye 2. But for the moment I think he must leave the son of Double Less quiet, "said Fas Technician in the columns of I'm Lamb,

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