Thursday , July 29 2021

Michael Jackson and Lady Di: revelations by his former bodyguard

Michael Jackson, crazy in love with Lady Diana ? according to matt FiddesThe king's former bodyguard, the answer is yes. Indeed, the latter even plans to marry her, the one who represents his feminine ideal. Sadly for him, this idyll so desired, imaginary, will never happen.

It all started at the moment since then meeting in 1988. At this time, Lady Di is married to Prince Charles, Unhappy, this person does not live well. One evening at a concert by Michael Jacksonthe favorite of the English press goes behind the scenes. A meeting that will forever mark the King of Pop. much they quickly become true friends. close, Michael Jackson even to think of a love story with one who might one day become the king of England's husband.

Meeting to change everything

However, the constrained schedule of the singer and the duties of the princess forced them to stay away for many years. If they have never stopped talking, the unexpected death of Lady Diana, in 1997 it will put an end to all this, all the more Michael Jackson in endless sadness. This story, they are very little to know but matt Fiddes, close to the former translator bad, knew about everything.

Matt Pieds to restore Michael Jackson

This is after the spread of the controversial documentary " Leaving Neverland That he has decided to tell this story. Its purpose? rehabilitated Michael Jackson, apparently accused of pedophilic deviations in this controversial film directed by Dan Reed, It remains to be seen how his fans will react to this new information, but also to the family of England, who will surely be informed.

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