Wednesday , September 28 2022

Modern for renting or when Americans choose the revolving wardrobe


She finished the evening gown, bought but worn twice, or the little yellow ball that takes the dust at the back of the wardrobe: rental rental services start in the US, a source of growth but also a threat to traditional fashion,

"leasingis currently a commercial word"Ready to carry," says Kayla Marcie, an analyst at Edited.

Limited to great opportunities 10 years ago, the clothing market has grown to more than a billion dollars in world sales, according to a survey.

Jacqueline Jackson, CEO of the Cosmetics Industry, began the day when he realized that the price of a monthly subscription for a giant on the American market, Rent The Runway, would cost him less than renting the dress. she wanted to go to a wedding.

"It is good to have this kind unlimited closetto put things that I can not afford, because many of these pieces are pretty expensive"explains this mother of two young children who has"no time to shop".

Like many of its competitors, Hire the runway (RTR), which claims more than 11 million users, offers, according to a subscription formula Primarily at $ 89 a month, designer brands are often worth several hundred bucks to buy, among them Victoria Beckham, Proenza Schouler or Philip Lim.

Today worth a billion dollars, RTR also offers a formula unlimited $ 159, while Armoire, Seattle's young starter, who already has several thousand customers, is $ 149.

Once worn, the pieces can be returned by the UPS or UPS provider registered in one of the physical stores at Rent The Runway, which takes care of cleaning.

Customers can also chooseI buy the garment.

"When you buy your own wardrobe, you wonder how often you can wear a garment", writes Jacqueline and"avoid (…) the things that are too modern to wear only one or two seasons. But here you can continue with the trend. Even if you wear it only once, it does not matter."

Platforms currently reserved for women only benefit from data they collect and use artificial intelligence to offer subscribers pieces that they like and take their measurements into consideration.

"We will show the things we know, but we can push it out of the comfort zone, says Lily Morton, Brand Development Manager at Armoire.

Less thanfast fashion"

The other main map of "clothing rental", fashion rentis a more sustainable dimension, less greedy, which unites the idea of justified consumption, very modern. A trend that has led Ikea to gradually take up the furniture rental offered by the American star Fernish.

"I think people like the idea of ​​buying less "Fast fashion" (disposable mode)– explains Jacqueline.It's nice to have less of these bad clothes in your wardrobe and you can spend money on carrying quality,"

According to several sources, each piece rotates about 15 times on average before leaving the chain.

The Cabinet has an agreement with the Satisfaction Clothing Association, which provides free clothing for women with low incomes.

For some brands creatorshiring is a way to meet a new audience, additional contact. But for the sale of ready-made garments in general, it's nothing less than competitor,

As the sector disappears, a few platforms go to the low-cost segment, including Haverdash. on physical signs they follow the example, including American Eagle, Ann Taylor, or Urban Outfitters.

"These platforms violate the fashion industry and change the way we buy"says Kayla Marci, the Edited company.

Since she signed up, Jacklin boughtfewer things and more basics"."Hiring is a bit to share. You do not just buy, buy, buy."

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