Monday , June 14 2021

Molde again does not want to see Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar Solskayer's situation is not that simple. Arrived at Manchester United as a firefighter with the obligation to replace Jose Mourinho, who left the ship, the Norwegian was busy only by his Molde club (Norwegian D1). Rare practice in the field of technology, but exists, as we have proof now. However, the Red Devils will inevitably seek someone for the next year.

At one point, Morissio Pocetino, Tottenham's current coach, was a favorite to sit on Old Trafford bench. The Times also announced that an agreement has been reached with the current three-lion coach Gary Southgate. A whole bunch of names (Zinedine Zidane and even Laurent Blanc were announced) who may never see a formalisation or even a bid. Manchester United leaders Ed Woodward are aware that the choice is very important and we should not be in a hurry.

" Please do not go back "

So, the question of whether Ole Gunnar Soslikeer can continue while he does well with the Red Devils is starting to be very serious. But then what would Molde's point of view be? " When I called the owner to tell him that United had called and he still knew this was my dream, he said, "Go, have fun – and please do not go back. The Beybains murderer told the microphone Skysports,

Except the fact that the concerned director maintains little pressure. Getting their support was fantastic. " If I go back to Molde, I will do my best for them – but it depends on whether I will come back. So far it has been fantastic. I hope I will soon be able to see my family because that is the only flaw in this job Norwegian continues. One thing is for sure that fans of Manchester will probably love to see the savior of the final 99 Champions League at the club …

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