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Monaco: Henry, the reasons for his departure – Football

AS Monaco decided to stop his coach Thierry Henry from his post, just three months after arriving at Rock. The bad relationship between coach and wardrobe has prompted Mongol rulers to act quickly.

Monaco: Henry, the reasons for his

Henry leaves Monaco three months after arriving

The announcement fell on Thursday night: Thierry Henry is removed from his duties as coach of AC Monaco. The former French striker, who will be replaced by Leonardo Jardim, has only lasted three months on the Rock. Why did the Mongolian leadership decide?

Of course, the record of Henry's sport (4 wins, 5 draws and 11 completed in all races) that does not pronounce in his favor. But his attitude also posed problems in the dressing room. The connection between the Mongolian coach and his players was far from good. He quickly got out of a part of his band.

Henry speaks badly to the players

The question is too critical to Henry. Also at a press conference where the technician does not hesitate publicly to criticize his people who are facing his players. He speaks badly to the players, that's a fact, said a close friend of a member of Staff Target. He has always perceived as an example and made a lot of noise, creating the impression that he is very proud and does not pay attention to anyone.

A few matches ago, he shouted: "It costs 10 million euros?", Speaking of a player who was on the pitch. All exchanges were heard, the message sent to the players was very negative – says another friend. According to RMC Sport, several players have gone to see the Mongol rulers over the past few days to tell them the current was no longer passing or never passed with his coach.

Departure, which will quote expensive

While Monaco is in 19th in League One, one point in front of Gingham's red lantern and three points in 17th place, synonymous with maintenance, the situation is critical to the rock, and Mongolian leaders understand that these tensions are not good for Later. They decided to put an end to everything. According to Nice-Matin, ACM will have to pay between EUR 10 million and EUR 15 million of the world championship support payments in 1998, which still had a three-year contract. The poor choice of Monaco is expensive this season …

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