Sunday , July 3 2022

Monday, La Poutanesca's number 11 quint of the day will be Turfomania's main game


16 riders will compete today at the Prix Smarturf (Prix Robertet), a support event for the Quintine Day, at a distance of 1800 meters at Clairefontaine.

Putanese, the number 11 in the afternoon at Clerfontein will be our must-see base.

The basis of the game Turfomania on Monday, Friday in Clairefontaine

La Poutanesca (11): Protected by D. Smaga, La Poutanesca leveled up good performances at this level and should not disappoint here. Winner of her handicap for her return in March, she continues to confirm despite a £ 7 fine and finds C. Demuro in the saddle, causing duo shock. Well placed in the stalls and always competitive, she is declared one of the main contenders for the coronation.

General statistics of La Poutanesca

  • Competitions: 26
  • Wins: 3
  • Posted: 8
  • Success Rate: 12%
  • Achievement achieved: 31%

La Poutanesca statistics on the route that interests us

  • Competitions: 2
  • Win: 0
  • Placed: 1
  • Success Rate: 0%
  • Achievement Set: 50%

La Poutanesca statistics with DEMURO C.

Poutanesca will be linked to DEMURO C., showing success in the first 3 out of 100% (2 placed in 2 running races)

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