Saturday , August 13 2022

MORAL WINNER and GREEN DIAMOND are our favorites!


We stay on the Normandy coast for the second event of the week, but in Deauville in the Prix de Pont-l'Evêque, a handicap where there will be 16 to compete for a 1900-meter win from the sand trail. Our favorite is MORAL WINNER, an extremely regular theme at this level that still needs to be on the podium. GREEN DIAMOND will restore its best level. If he adjusts to the sand, he can even win. HEIR TO A THRONE will only have to confirm its excellent debut in this category to put it in the spotlight. OLD MILL is also a candidate for the first places if his bad number in the stalls is not too harmful. Besides, IMPERI HURIKAN's whispering is said to have lines that protect him for his benefit. Every visitor should not be convicted during the race, which was primarily intended to prepare him for this engagement. Mistrust. SAINT POIS is in shape and still looks very well placed on the scale of values. He could surprise me pleasantly. Shamsbad has not much reservations, especially for him, to appreciate the sand.

By removing his first experience at this level, this representative of Christophe Ferland has always met the expectations of the people around him. In April, in the quintess, played in Saint-Cloud, he finished third with less than the head of Kabir, a horse that eventually won the event and listed Bouscat. Remaining in third place, in the June 20th in La Teste, this theme, which at the beginning of his career has shown his ability to sand, must confirm the confidence of his entourage on Tuesday to fight for victory.

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Before being excluded from the slopes for health problems, VERT DIAMAND competed with Dream Awhile, a rival of the group, on the Bouscat track. It took several races to find a good level that now seems to have been done if we refer to his last performance in La Teste, where he was on a par with I Am Charlie and Prestige Vendome, two horses that will have with the first chance at this event. The only question is the sand, but if he adjusts, he even has the means to fight for victory. This is a poker game.

Since joining Pia Brandt's training, HEIR TO A THRONE has improved a lot. He has already won two races under his responsibility, including very pleasing April 1800 m. PSF Lyon-La-Soe. Enough playing for his first steps in this kind of tournament, he was fourth in front of Hout Bay, an element that has since confirmed the line by winning the quintet on July 25th. Very comfortable on the sand, HEIR TO A THRONE will only need to adapt to the Deauville profile to emphasize.

Last year, VIEUX MOULIN showed he was competitive in this kind of event, finishing second in Gourel, at an event in Compiègne, with a handicap equal to the one attributed to him here. In addition, he has just shown a clear boost in the form by winning the day's course at Lily Cafein, a racer who is still worth 40 handicaps. If his number fourteen in the stalls is not too devastating, the OLD MILL has to make more of a figure. Mistrust.

This is an extremely regular element in the quintet, he has performed four for four podiums! His last performance in this type of race ended in second place in July 2018 in front of Hout Bay, an item that was recently seen in an event. EMPIRE HURRICANE had a decline, but its latest statements are reassuring. Very comfortable with this course and with Australian turn signals, as it happened during his victory in Chantilly, he must work well.

14 – Every guest
This winter, this representative of George Athimnissis failed to win the victory in a race for the 2000 CPS-Cannes-sur-Mer race. He was then disappointed, especially because of the lack of freshness. Obviously, we do not need to condemn him to the return competition on June 11, which was mainly about preparing for this engagement. Still down the gravity scale and being attributed with a bargained number in the stalls, each visitor can give reason to his mentor who sues him for competitive places.

From now on, SAINT POIS has a better value than before winning this level in the summer of 2017. He also showed net shape refresh during his last performance on the Petit Port track, making himself very sure about an account of El Indio, the horse who has since finished the sixth time at an event in Deauville after a good last effort. SAINT POIS performs well on the sand and has the chance to inherit a lucrative number in the stalls, the assets that can allow him to talk about him again in this type of competition.

Applauded in the July 14 event of the Longchamp 2000-meter Territory, he could only conclude in eighth rank while there were excuses, he was a bit too hot during the course. He will have the advantage of finding a third-way route and being equipped with full turn signals, an accessory that allows him to win his PSF race on Kane-sur-Mer, Well placed in the stalls, he will try to maintain access, although his maneuvering space is not unusual.

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