Sunday , June 13 2021

More than one million viewers for the Schiappa-Hanouna debate

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Paris (AFP)

More than one million viewers followed the "big debate" co-organized by Secretary of State Marlene Shaapa and leading Cyril Hannuna on C8 live, according to Saturday's Médiamétrie figures.

This is a record audience for the Balanced Ton Post program launched in September.

"Many French people have found home listening, which they did not have elsewhere: the youngest, especially 15-34 years old, were three times more than the previous day of France 2 and much more present than the TF1," he said Cyril Hannuna in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche.

For the first part of the debate, which gave rise to several proposals, such as the abolition of VAT on basic needs, an average of 1,089,000 spectators watched the program between 22:10 and 23:15. 6.1%.

For comparison, the show "Friday, Everything Allowed with Arthur" has gathered 1.2 million viewers between 23 H00 and 00H35.

The second part of the Schiappa and Hanouna debate, More than one million viewers for the Schiappa-Hanounade 23H20 debate until the 1H50 attracted 756,000 viewers, or 11.9% of the PDA, says Médiamétrie.

In addition to wanting to "repeat this device, especially for the European elections," Cyril Hannuna's bill invited Emanuel Macron to Balance Ton Post. "And I hope before the Europeans," he added.

The most popular idea for the evening on the set, consisting of "yellow vests", retired, restaurant owner or police officer, but also many people, is the abolition of VAT on the essential necessities.

Other suggestions concern the tax threshold for tax evasion, the revision of tax loopholes, the revision of the police "time cycles", the CICE for the VSE. and SMEs, the return of the BCP – previously excluded by Emanuel Macron – and an increase of 2 to 4% of the hospital's budget.

The State Secretary for Equality between Women and Men is committed to submitting to the executive.

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