Wednesday , August 10 2022

Mr President, keep an eye on their health! (By Soro Diop)


We have to warn the President of the Republic of Mackay Sal. He may be responsible for serious action. His stance, the tumultuous silence and even the indifference he exerts to cope with what is essential and necessary for people is likely to provoke heart attacks in his former prime minister, Abdu Mbaie, his tekki ally. Mamadou MP Lamin Diallo and his former energy minister, Alaskan Sal. These three Musketeers have their pulse in overcrowded confusion every time they talk about what they have declared as an oil scandal and say the name of President Mackay Sal. So be careful, Mr. President! Beware of their health! So place a cardiologist at their disposal!
Policies related to agriculture, health, education, and economic growth are not their cup of tea. Talking about the emerging Senegalese Plan (PSE) and its implementation, or even the poor performance, gives them hives. In fact, those three who promote their embryonic party, the Democratic Congress of the Revival (CDR), which was trying to make the platform Aar Lu Niou Bokk a propaganda ramp, are sacred … political players.
One of the reasons that structure their alliance is to find a terrain and a political framework destroyed by a series of defeats. So the so-called oil scandal is an unexpected result to put the feet back on the political agenda. It is about sowing opportunistic seeds in the oil zone, hoping to benefit from the rewards of agitation and propaganda in future elections. They are also players who play at the same time as punishments.
Justice they claim to be strong and clear. Hue and diameter. They even filed a complaint. But it is a purely political act. In fact, he believes only in their righteousness. What justice deserves trust? Their only and only theirs. The one who condemns on accusations, suspicions and simple claims. Nothing else. Not the others. Not the republic. "Fair" justice is that of these rebels. Still, the foes are hard on Monday on charges against microphones and cameras, they become capons without evidence on Tuesday to DIC investigators' questions.
Another point is to emphasize: the platform called "Aar Li Niou Bokk" seems increasingly clear as an example of protecting a common political interest. To protect political kinship … in perspective? Occult contracts hidden under the armpits? So fine, Wolof language! The words we know are never innocent. Like this "Bokk" that needs to be protected. Who postulates sharing between friends of circumstances. And who knows about lobbies problems.
Then everything merges: Grotesque accusations, deceived and manipulated to make falsehood true. Ali Sal, the president's brother, appears in the eyes of the critics of power, the ideal goal to consume at the stake … oil and gas. So, go to the justice of our good thinking! The presumption of innocence since then has made it a guilty presumption. They defeat their stubborn security with the magic of speech. Public speaking. Through the magic of political and media appearances serving in loops and all outside the field. Offensive comedies.
Samuel Beckett plays "Waiting Godo …" Petrol? On the stage, we distinguish the leading roles, shipwrecked sponsors, the leaders of Nar. Movements of civil society and leaders of human rights organizations. Their remarkable identity? They all have "headlines" for all election campaigns: legislative, local, referendum, and last presidential election. From 2012 to 2019 against the regime of President Mackay Sal.
Each time there was a burning response to a people who was not mistaken at all. People who regularly sent shovels to the ground of slander, slander and accusation too easily and without charge. President Mackay Sal still bears the popular legitimacy scarf, they are stumbling under the thorns of successive defeats. He was not deceived by these people, bringing in a triumphal squad the Lions Vice-champion of Africa and who enrolled in the palace, depositing legitimacy and legality republican. Move!
Today, with the announcement of oil and gas, the "petroneurotic" dream of being able to migrate to the political game. Let's try to (re) play the story. Alas, they do not have the fruitful imagination, the good strategic sense and the political aura of the designers and leaders of the Assises in 2012. Good harvests of the past. Not like this former prime minister without a pedigree in democratic struggles. Not like this minister and this "disappointed", yesterday the epigones of President Mackay Sal, today his fierce top scorers.
When you have your head in the laundry of disappointment, we live with the worst counselor. No one understands the standards of honesty and whiteness displayed by people with past and paths, dotted with dubious "virtues" and inconsistent "values". Under the guise of amnesia expected by Senegalese people. But one man, the real one, is too clear. Cleverly enough. In general, it is hostile to any brilliant concert and to any subsequent observation.
The sick coproyal, this tendency to be broadcasting pranks at every turn, deals with vain campaigns to deconstruct the image of Senegal and its president, the custodian of the vast majority of people. Their instructions: several doses of slander. Thieves of lies. Several insults and inversions in social networks. Keeping the boundaries of well-thinking and searching buddlers living on the digital planet. Discontent is not enough political strategy. Especially if it is based on rewarding petty emptiness as an ingredient to awaken an unbelievable popular uprising. The worrying echo of all cynicism.
We also need to talk about these experts in everyone who is more present now on the plateau than in the preamble. Hello Surfaces on the surface! Respect for university leaders who refuse to be worship and a culture of immediacy. The latter monitors the distance and distance, these necessary scientific warnings to weigh and weigh, filter and deliver consistent analyzes, fit for the consumption of spirits in search of illumination and non-dampening rage. The Darkness of Ink Every Day!
Our hosts on the platform, called Aar Li Niou Bokk, rely on two bases, in fact, two deceptive boards of smokeless strategy. First, oil and gas firefighters, still buried thousands of miles from the ocean and under the thickness of the liquid, are suspicious as a mantra. They are "intuitionists." In the sense, not the mathematics of the term, but a politician. Their political tactic is to want to take Senegal into their immediate evidence. Their packs to pack their "people" with them? The Fantasy and Phantasmagoria of Oil. They mark as a mirage thousands of billions to share. Expected effect? They produce indignant swelling.
Then they have a suspicion of marzipan. Their art consists of creating assumptions and exposing some evidence of crime. This is Machiavelli's political project. Their plan: to put power in fusion, Senegal into flames and foreign investors in panic. Only that! That is why there is more gas in their oil markets. They are now trying to find juice in justice. If they believe in this justice. Is that too much to ask them?

By Soro Diop

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