Friday , December 3 2021

"Mr. President, Khan Duney Agnes?"


The trial against Sheikh Betio Thioune or the double murder of Madinatl Salam definitely keeps a lot of surprises.
Started around 9:30, President Tiero Niang made only two breaks, one 30 minutes, the second one an hour.
All this time the detainees remained in place for work purposes.
Faced with the lawyers' interrogations, called Sheikh Faye in the good Serer, and seeing the late hour (late 18 o'clock), while they had nothing in their belly, they would draw the attention of Judge Tienno Niang to their position in these terms: , we've been here since this morning, we have not eaten anything yet … I know the Toukler will want me … "
The President of the Supreme Court of Mbour, who positively poses me, will answer our Serere to provide diligence in that direction …

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