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Nare Famakan Magassa: Great hope for painting in Mali


Your Discovery section went this week to meet the young artist, Naré Famakan Magassa, a great hope for painting in Mali. Arts / Sculpture Artist Achieved in the Arts Conservation and Multimedia Multimedia Balla Fasseke Kouyaté Naré Famakan Magassa is a rising arrow in the world of painting in Mali. Only 22 years old, his works echo beyond the borders of Mali and even Africa. Co-founder of the Sanou Art Workshop, Famakan is the only malay selected for the Ophelia Africa exhibition planned in France in 2020.

Malian artistic talents are not limited to the music sector. There are also young people who impress the picture in the image of the young Famaqang Magassa, born in Kita (Kayes region), whose works are appreciated outside Mali and Africa. Considered one of the most promising young talents in the world of painting, Famakan has not accidentally become what he is today. He grew up with this passion. Depending on the drawing, Famakan decided to follow his way into this art. I've always loved drawing and painting since my childhood. As a teenager, my painting teacher encouraged me. So I had no doubts when I chose my way ""says the young man. Thus, upon his arrival in Bamako after obtaining a DEF in 2012 in his hometown, he decided to dedicate himself to this profession. He will initially join the workshop of Badialan 1 (a popular Bamako area) where he will excite his talent during his high school. With a bachelor's degree in 2015, he joins the Arts and Multimedia Conservatoire (Drawing and Painting Section) at Balla Fasseké Kouyaté, where he earns his graduation in Fine Arts in 2018.

But it is said that there is no easy job! And the profession of plastic arts does not deviate from this reality. However, the difficulties faced by Maggas had nothing to do with his resolve. For the young artist, most African artists have difficulty because he thinks our continent suffers from huge deficits for everything that belongs to the art sector. "There are no galleries or exhibition spaces when the number of artists has doubled. I can consider myself a privileged person because I have also been spotted by an agent in Paris and by the director of Français who supports and accompanies me, "says Fajangan, who still holds his feet on the ground. well done work leads us to the harbor.

At first, the young miracle painted essentially acrylic. Theme, adapted to the theme it has developed. "My first series of paintings is dedicated to Kordungas, these are wise men with a social function and exceptional individuals of behavior and a sense of celebration.adds Fajangan, who not only intends to conclude in the tradition.

About a month ago, Nare Fajangan joined the very small circle of artists from the Malian painting world, as Cheik Diallo and Bubakar Tangara, Coke, said in favor of a large exhibition at the French Institute of Mali.

His participation was very successful, allowing him to spread his miracles in the eyes of professionals and specialists in the field. "This was a great opportunity, because I first exhibited in one institution. The exhibition with great and talented artists was an honor to me. Everyone in his universe, we brought coherence with this project, where the dance and festive aspect were presented.– proudly says the young fagan, who says he is surprised to have awakened the interest of the great collectors, gallery and professionals in the field.

Among the people he worshiped today, his agent, Floral Duran, the first to believe in his qualities, is at the forefront. "This is both stimulating and destabilizing because it always forces me to do better, to anticipate so that the public and the professionals continue to follow me", soothes genius in painting. His success at the French Institute in Mali opens him, surely today, an international career, because Fajangan is selected for the Ophelia Africa project, to be held in France in 2020. He will be the only Malian artist among the seven. For this exhibition, African artists were selected.

His contribution will be to present the mythical character of Ophelia, Shakespeare's heroine character. This is not all: Other exhibitions are planned here in Bamako, Iowa, especially at the Farra festival, for which I was selected by 13 other artists from around the world. I will also be at the Dakar Biennial in 2020. Meanwhile, I'm also thinking about participating in artistic residences. I already have three development topics that will surely surprise me because I will deal with unusual topics. promises genius.

Recalling his ambitions in his career as an artist, Fajangan tells us he is not looking for honors or medals. His only ambition is to show his know-how. "I want my work to be known and recognized through my artistic approach, my own style. The scope of every job is a story and there are people behind this story. It is also for them that I paint " He explains.

In any case, despite his young age, Fajangan is already the Ambassador of Malay Know-How in the field of visual arts. His will and talent are already a great asset to the challenge.

Youssouf KONE

Source: Today Mali

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