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Neimar denies "any lack of respect" to the PSG after his remarks on the Remonta


Neamar's environment returned to controversial remarks about Barca's "Remontada" against PSG.

Speaker of Brazilian striker Neimar returned to controversial remarks about Barca's re-match against PSG. Asked about the greatest moment in his career, the former Santos player challenged the Champions League match in 2017 in Nou Camp, where Barca recovered the lead of the PSG to finally eliminate the Paris club of C1 (0- 4 for Paris, 6-1 for Barcelona).

We remind that at that time Neimar played in the Catalonian club. "My best memory? There are two. First, when we won the Olympic Games. And then the retreat against Paris. I felt like I never felt when we scored this 6th goal was incredible!"He had let go.

The statements do not go unnoticed as the player is highly anticipated by Barca, who wants to return to Catalonia in the summer, not to mention that Neamar did not appear to resume PSG, fueling rumors. ,

In the comments given to L 'Equipe, a Brazilian spokesman ensures that Neymar does not want "At no point did we respect the PSG and its athletes who played the match in 2017." Words that repeat those of Neamar's father in his account at Instagram:

"Are you reporting on public access to answer the question whether you will be confronted with false mosquitoes?" Repercutir com um outro contexto ??? Also, you may need to take advantage of the PSG or argue about the dispute over them in 2017 but not only, but only to take advantage of not having access to all francs. Lastly in jogo até hoje hoje, the semester is a record of the party that is important, but it is important to take care of the fact that he was sent to the post was not sent to the post, and that he had a realistic realization of his life as a finale to the "royal" marriage, the belief perguntado: "Qual a melhor memória que você tem do vestiário?". You can do this to get information about 2016 and to repair 2017, as well as the moments of the sua carrera. Atribuir esta manifestação ESPONTÂNEA E HONESTA, who is authorized to accept a minor clause of maldosis, that it is not it is necessary, but not necessarily, but this is the case, but it can not be defended because it is a manifesto that is not a basic but important one factor. Então por that there is a polêmica desta vez? That trazer isso esta memória como provocação? Instead, you can do it. Meu filho é atleta to PSG, but can not be removed. In the history of the Czech Republic are listed French. #neymar #neymarjr

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"Attributing this spontaneous and honest response to provocation to his current club is nasty behavior whose sole purpose is to create a contradiction where there is none." Many journalists and fans around the world consider this meeting. is one of the player's most memorable career. " explains Neimar's father in his account at Instagram.

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