Monday , October 3 2022

NEXITY: Undisputed leader of the SBF 120


Nexity (+ 11.52% 44.14 euro) easily ranks first in the SBF 120 index thanks to a particularly favorable cocktail: Socit General's increased goals, dividend and recommendation. In favor of a better first half than expected, the first French real estate developer has now turned to EBITDA turnover and growth of around 7% against at least 5% previously.

It also expects growth in market share and a new housing market in France more lively than expected in 2019: -2% -4% compared to -7% expected in the beginning of the year.

"We have to look ahead to the" seasonality "of Nexity's combined activities, and in particular the corporate real estate promotion, to understand the reasons for the expected revenue and growth of EBITDA 2019 during the year. 7% (against at least 5% earlier), which may seem to be lagging behind the strong growth of the first half, "said his president, Alain Dinin.

In the first half, Ebitda jumped 22 percent to 226 million euros, representing a margin of 12.3 percent versus 12 percent a year earlier. Turnover grew by 18% to 1.84 billion euros. It has increased by 6% constant.

On the trade front, the new residential reserves in France amounted to 9 486 units, representing EUR 1,923 billion (+ 15% in volume and value). Invest Securities highlights the group's performance compared to its competitors, Kaufman & Broad and Icade, whose figures dropped by 6.5% and 12%.

For corporate real estate, the import of orders reached 138 million euros, and the company confirmed its goal of achieving the same level of orders as in 2018: 349 million euros.

Overall, Nexity posted a promotional backlog of 4.76 billion euros (+ 6.6%).

Finally, the group offers a dividend per share of 2.70 euros in 2019, compared to 2.50 euros before, and at least at the same level by 2022.

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