Sunday , June 20 2021

Nissan condemns Brexit's blur, Theresa May remains "determined" to fulfill her

British Prime Minister Teresa May on Sunday confirmed her determination to meet Brexit on time with a revised divorce deal while "continuing uncertainty" contributed to Nissan's decision to abandon an investment in England,

The Japanese manufacturer has abandoned its plan to produce its X-Trail crossover at its Sunderland (Northeast) plant, its main European location. It will be produced in Kyushu, Japan.

"We made this decision for economic reasons, but the continuing uncertainty about Britain's future relationship with the EU does not help companies like ours to plan for the future," said Gianluca de Fichi. president of Nissan Europe.

The Sunderland plant – the city that voted 61% for Brexit in 2016 – runs around 7,000 people and frees 500,000 vehicles per year, more than half of which is exported to the EU, duty-free, which may change if the United Kingdom is divided by 27 without consent.

"Conservatives have failed negotiations (with Brussels), and the" no + deal "threat creates insecurity and damages the British economy," the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbin, complained to Twitter.

Expected to leave the EU on March 29, the United Kingdom is unaware of the form Brexit will take, MEPs overwhelmingly rejected in mid-January the divorce agreement agreed with Brussels by Theresa May.

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