Thursday , January 21 2021

No, Soham El Wardini did not join Macky Sall!

This is one of the leading news revealed this Monday. Khalifa Sall's statement invalidates, many of his relatives will think of a new base. Among them, Soham El Vardini, the mayor who replaced Khalifa Sal. The latter denied meeting in the presidential camp.

Facing this transmission of messages and looking strange, considering the relationship between the current mayor and her mentor, Khalifa Sal, writing SeneNews contacted the city of Dakar.

From the very beginning Soham El Wardini denied the information. – Are you calling me to see if I'm over? – she said. "It's not worth checking the information, as I and Khalifa Sal, that's about life," adds the mayor of Dakar.

While rumors are being heard, Soham El Wardini, who has always shouted his support for Khalifa Sall, is still on the side of the opponents.

Thioro Sahu and Mohammed Kamara

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