Sunday , June 13 2021

Notes: Real Madrid – Alayes


Real Madrid faced Deportivo Alaves in Bernabeu. Here are the notes of Madrilenians ascribed by our editorial staff.

Court: 6.5 "Not much to report to Real's keeper. He had a rather quiet night.

Odrizola: 7 – Ubiquitous. Odorizole showed enormous activity in its right band. He brought a lot of insult, and this led to this crucial pass for Mariano. Good game.

Nacho: 6 – A delicate first period, on average by Nacho. He felt feverish and was surprised two or three times. He returned much more calmly and firmly to the latter.

Ramos 7.5 – Boss Match. In the restart, in anticipation, in the duels … The captain defended for two in the first half and avoided the yellow card that would deprive him of the derby the next weekend; this is great news.

Regulator: 6.5 – New interesting spectacle of the young Spaniard, the author of the decisive pass. He defended himself well and did not hesitate to introduce himself.

Casemiro: 6.5 – Good Casemiro game in the middle. The Brazilian played clean and recovered some balloons.

Modric: 6 – Croatian plays a little interrupted tonight, and quite regularly for a while. However, he holds it under his feet and knows how to speed up when the game requires it. He did not have to force his talent tonight on Bernabeu.

Sebalos: 6.5 – Danny Kebalos confirms his good performances at the moment. He is generous in his efforts, good in protecting the ball and almost always plays forward. It only has to progress over the last 30 meters.

Ball: 3 "Ghostly, the Welsh have never been in a rhythm.

Benzene: 7 – KB9 confirms. Benzema once again scored a goal for the fox, releasing a goal in the 16-foot Alayes.

Usiniciusus: 8 – Brazilian surprises coincide after the match. Beyond his enormous activity, repetitive flashes and his incredible speed, Vinicius was decisive twice this evening: the penultimate transmission of Benzema's goal and the second goal.

?? We liked: Real's first confirmation, which continues with the fifth consecutive win, all races. In addition, we enjoy the recordings of Mariano, Asencio and Isco. The first was not bright, but he did what he expected, namely to pull everything for a quarter of an hour and drag the surface. Asencio found his feet, and Iskoo, after five minutes of play, carried out a very penultimate transfer of Mariano's goal.

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