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Olympic Lyon presents record financial results


Olympic Lyon is doing well. Very good even. On Tuesday, OL Groupe revealed the financial results of the last financial year on its official website. "Revenue for the 2018/2019 financial year set a new record of 309 million euros, thanks in particular to the club's participation in the Champions League this season." In the league, the team was ranked last year in third place and will also play the group stage of the Champions League 2019/2020.So the club, chaired by Jean-Michel Aoulas, increased its activity by + 7%. For one year, the results actually increased from € 289.5 million (30 June 2018) to € 309 million (30 June 2019). In particular, it was noted that the ticketing industry generated EUR 41.8 million (+ EUR 4.5 million, + 12%) and that partnerships and advertising generate EUR 31.3 million (+ EUR 1.3 million). + 4%). Television rights and marketing have brought great value to Gones as they raised 122 million euros (+ 56.8 million euros, + 87%).

"The sharp increase in TV rights reflects mainly the club's participation in the Champions League group stage and in the 16th round of this season (Europe League in N-1), UEFA's TV rights reached a record level of 71.2m euros (compared to EUR 14.2 million in N-1) National television rights were stable over the period and amounted to EUR 50.8 million, compared to EUR 51 million in the N-1, third in League 1 (identical classification in N-1). "Said OL.As regards player marketing, the club has something to smile at. "The transfer of Ferland Mendy to Real Madrid in June for € 48 million and € 5 million in incentives (arrived in 2017 for € 5 million + € 1 million in incentives + 10% for capital gains) and two transfers more than 10 million euros (Mariano Diaz and Miziane Maolida) confirm the importance of the strategy based on the leading academy, the recruitment of young talents and the ability of the club to develop these potentials at a sports level,,

OL is doing well and aiming even higher

Add then: "Revenue from the sale of players at the start of the season in the Champions League season amounted to 88.2 million euros (125.3 million euros in the N-1, including Alexander Lacasette in Arsenal for 50 million euros) Euro) »It should be added that transfers from Tangi Nembele to Tottenham or from Nabil Fechir to Bethes are not taken into account as the balance ended on June 30, 2019. The future looks bright for OL. "In 2019/2020, the Group enjoys a strong visibility of its revenues thanks to the club's qualification in the Champions League group stage, the semi-finals and the final of the World Cup for Women in July 2019 at Groupama Stadium, as well as promising market trends, especially for player transfers (world market transfer market ($ 7 billion in 2018, + 10.3% versus 2017)).

Then it says: "In the beginning of July, a new record for the transfer of a player contract was created with the transfer of the international midfielder Tangi Nembele to the Tottenham Club for 60 million euros (+ 10 million incentives), and the transfer of Nabil Fekir to Bettis was made today for EUR 19.75 million (+ EUR 10 million of incentives and 20% of future transfer revenue) .The increase in TV rights for League 1 in the 2020/2021 season (+ 60% for 2020/2024 ., ie € 1.16 billion / season compared to € 726.5 million per year) is also an important medium-term growth vector for the Group. " A group that has ambition. "Within five years, the Group intends to pursue its development strategy based on the concept of" full entertainment ", an integrated set of recreational and entertainment activities around the heart of football. Against this background, the Group reaffirms its goal of reintegrating the 20 largest European clubs into an economic level through growth of all their revenues and reaching a product level of activities of the order of 400 million euros. € ", A sum that is quite affordable for the club, chaired by Jean-Michel Aoulas.

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