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On Thursday, a fast-hidden sky was announced

DACCAR, May 15 (APS) – The National Agency for Civil Aviation and Meteorology (ANACIM) announced Thursday that a "sky that will be temporarily blurred" on most of Senegalese territory,

"However, at night, stormy activities will be marked in the southwest of the country with mild to moderate rains that can be recorded there," says ANACIM in a meteorological report adopted at APS.

According to these forecasts, "the gradual decrease of temperatures will cause warm weather on the shore and quite hot in the central and southern regions of Senegal."

"However, the heat wave will remain in the eastern zone, where peaks of 43 to 45 ° C will be recorded," adds ANACIM.

The forecasts also announce a "cool night and morning feeling" in the coastal and northwest regions, where "at least 19 to 21 ° C will be marked".

"The visibility will be good overall, with low to moderate winds from north to northwest to the north and west to southwest above the rest of the country," reads.


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