Tuesday , June 15 2021

ORPEA: an acclaimed publication

Orpea (+ 7.68% to 97.86 euros) is making a vigorous advance today in the Paris market as a result of a solid annual activity point and a convincing prospect for 2019. The manager of the homes for the elderly and the health clinics generates a turnover of 3.42 billion euros in 2018, exceeding the stated target at the beginning of the year (3.40 billion). This corresponds to an increase of 9% in public data and 5% in organic production.

Orpea underlines that its organic growth is supported by "the excellent performance of mature businesses, the increase in facilities over the past two years and the opening of more than 2300 beds (from construction) in 2018".

Over the last five years (2013-2018), Orpea has doubled its size thanks to its development strategy, combining current acquisitions and acquisitions.

In January 2019, the Orpea network consisted of 96 577 beds, distributed in 950 sites in 14 countries. The share of beds outside France has almost tripled for 5 years, now 65% of the total network.

Given the continued strong growth, Orpea has confirmed its target for the Ebitda margin for 2018 beyond 2017.

In 2019, the group plans to open nearly 2 500 beds (representing 25 enterprises and extensions), 85% of which are international in 10 different countries.

In addition, Orpea is already expecting a net turnover of € 3.70 billion (+ 8.2%) thanks to solid organic growth and the contribution of acquisitions. This growth in activity will be combined with "constant profitability".

After this post, Gilbert Dupon renewed his recommendation Buy the Orpea title, with a target price of 130 euros.

"In the segment of retirement homes, we continue to support Orpea, which is undoubtedly the predecessor of the sector that is now geared towards the world," said the research firm, adding that "the title is more than ever a unique asset combining growth and security." .

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