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OTD, another Bruno is gone (By Sheik Alassan Senne)

Anecdot: Fifteen years ago, during Wade's fierce resistance, while Idrisa Shek was conveniently installed in Primatra, at a meeting with Tanor Dieng at his ceremony, he publicly told him: "This is Idrisa Sek," Tanor said politely, "then we have one and the same friend.

One more day in the noise and vanity and shudder of the CC, Tanor Dieng was in the political house of the party house, looked calm and calm, clear and sharp, without tears, the crowd raging on him, he had a noble attitude to the exemplary patriarch.

There is also a speech man who remains faithful to the rules of the Republic. No violence in his words, no difference in his actions or in the language of his body. A tall man has gone, discreetly, on his fingers he will say. A discreet, powerful word that fits well with his life. He went after Bruno's footsteps, taking with him the secrets of the Republic.

The memory that impressed me most in man only 10 years later, at night, I was listening to a radio station, the life of the Prophet (saas) was the subject of the show, a man called by the song of Kabir Senne "Diama Nigi Diamou, "was Tanor Dieng at the end of the line. He was deeply touched by the song and conversation about the Prophet (saas), all of his entourage knew the love he had for this noble and noble creature.

The Prophet (saas) said: "Whosoever believes in Allah and on the last day, say good or be silent. "

Let God raise him up in his high and lofty paradise by the grace of the Holy Prophet Abba (pbuh).

I will never forget to share with you the prayer rug on Friday in the marmoset's mosque or our two-hour theta with the late Serene Lamin Kebe in the Kebe building.

My condolences to my cousin Mami Philli, to my nephews and to the entire weeping family.


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