Monday , September 16 2019
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Ousmane Mbengue Arrested for Calling "Kill Women in Senegal"

Usmaan M & Ben's real name Ousmane Mbengue is finally in the hands of the national gendarmerie for his hateful remarks on social networks. This morning was taken from the Research section. This, a few hours after posting on Facebook comments that have allowed more than one, calls for "killing Senegalese women", which in his eyes is the source of "all Senegal's problems."

"We have to reduce the number of women in Senegal to hope that one day we will be a developed country. We have to kill many of them. (…). Because the problems come from women – she posted it yesterday in a Facebook message. The subscribers of these networks, outraged by such comments, share his posts to be offended. His writings were finally viral. Usman Ben Ben, scared by the scale of his messages and insults from everywhere, issued messages of apology to appease the perpetrators of scandalous messages from all sides. Words of apology that apparently fell on deaf ears. As he faces the investigators of the Colombian gendarmerie, where he risks a big one, Dakkarst said.

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