Monday , October 3 2022

Palais Brongniart raises the colors!


Palais Brongniart – former headquarters of the Paris Stock Exchange, located in IIe County of the Capital – opened this week the first edition of Street Packing, a demonstration that will succeed on the façade of columns built in the early nineteenth centurye a century of street art projects designed in cooperation with the city of Paris, the palace owner, corporate events GL, its manager and the School of Graphic Arts of the City of Paris (EPSAA). A second year student, Lea Deges is the winner of the 2019 draft competition, in which candidates have been inspired to draw inspiration from the history of the building and its metamorphosis in recent years at the place of life and innovation to imagine ugly dressing of its fourteen columns. Of the 18 applications received and placed on the bars around the building, four were selected. Three will be fulfilled from next Christmas and next year. So far, the audience is invited, until August 30th, to be lost in the colorful habits of a trumpet He turns around, written by Lea Deges. Monumental work as it rises to a height of 10 meters and extends to 35 meters; in addition to the columns, he unfolds several windows. The passionate about the abstract art – Kupka and Delone are among the masters they admire – the young woman is inspired by the figure of the equipment, "What interests me as an autonomous system"it also slides on the shape "Minimalist" The Wi-Fi symbol, the all-pervading anchor in the future and the dynamics of Palais Brongniart. Dynamics further illustrated by the chosen colors, and especially she likes: yellow, orange and blue. Take a look at the opportunity to discover the work in its version, complemented by the Artivive application. Visually: Turns, Lea Deges. Photo S. Deman.

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