Thursday , June 17 2021

Pierre Gudaby Atepa offers him his campaign headquarters

Senegal Reach Movement President Pierre Atepa Goudibi decided after choosing Usmeane Sonko's headquarters to offer his headquarters to the campaign on the DPA. A place where Pastef's leader "will find all the facilities that will allow him to pursue his political goals in the service of the Senegalese people," Atepa's message said.

The latter failed to convict with the last energy attack on the seat. The threat of maneuver shows you indescribable, which is unfortunate regression of our political practices. "Such an act is not worthy of the democratic progress of our country, won by patriots who have devoted all their energy, knowledge, and sometimes sacrifice their lives, so our country is never a place where the power of the" right ", says even in the note .

Finally, the leader of theSenegal RekConvinced that the use of intimidation, contrary to our values ​​of tolerance and peace, can not be a solution to the problems affecting our fellow citizens, calls on the competent authorities to impose a thorough investigation into the perpetrators to attack, arrest them and brought them to justice in accordance with the law in force. He also calls upon all Senegalese, regardless of their political end, peace and quiet, so that the arguments of power do not take precedence over the strength of the arguments.

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