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Pope Abu Cis, the new rock of Terranga Lions

A little more than a month from the start of CAN, Senegal's coach Aliou Cissé will list her next Monday. Unless surprise, he will integrate Pope Abu Cishe, he will call from the beginning of the season. Olympiacos's strong defender, who has passed from France, can form the pair with Calidou Kulibali. He wore.

Pope Abu Cishe must have trouble sleeping these days. The 23-year-old, who finds the joy of paternity in less than a week, is also excited about the upcoming African Nations Championship this summer. Ali Cisse, the coach of Senegal, has to return his list on Monday and Olympiakos defender, who appears four times under the Terranus Lions flag (between October 2018 and March 2019), hopes to appear. "It will be a child's dream. Introducing your country is a great pride ""says Cisse. "I participated in the CAN U20 in 2015, I will be the second if I go there. Obviously it would be different, a step higher. Hope to be there, I made all the selections for a moment (for the first time I was summoned on September 9 against Madagascar, one.) So I'm telling you why not. " The season that just ended in Olympiakos talks about him. With 29 matches in all competitions (including 7 in the Europa League finals), he established himself as one of the leaders of the vice-champion of Greece, he joined in 2017 after the passing I noticed at AC Ajaccio.

This course, Cissé started relatively late. While he imagined he was pursuing a career as a basketball player, he discovered football at the age of only 14, climbing the skin in the streets of Pikin. The linear progression he has been following since is clearly a dream for the young people in this Dakar area, where he is. "It is a dream for many Senegalese children to become professionals to go to Europe", Cisse abounds. – It's a little trip from sleep. Especially in Pikin, a neighborhood where there is only football. " He was captured by the passion of the ball, quickly taking his license to the local club before being spotted by the SMASH Academy of the Benicho brothers, 17 years old. "Then I began to believe in myself, to say that it was possible"says the player who can take advantage of the CNEPS (National Center for Physical Education and Sport) to complete his training. This club of Thiès, a city that is 80 km from Dakar, which a few days earlier confirmed its rise to the Senegalese First Division, after completing the Diambars Academy, is in exclusive partnership with SMASH and is based on the old facilities of the national team.

Openings in L1 before a noted passage in Ajaccio

Just a few weeks after joining the academy, Cisse flew to France and spent several discoveries in Cannes, then in Montpellier, Troyes or Strasbourg. Still a teenager, he finds an unscrupulous world that leads him to an ubiquitous experience. "I came to the opening in one of these clubs (he did not want to specify which one) for a week, and after a few days I was told that I would not be held and that I had to leave earlier than planned. I went home again tonight, but the sports director of the training center let me sleep outside, in the rain, telling me there was no room for me. "It was a very bad experience, but it made me stronger." His muffled suitcases, Pope Abu Cisse, would finally land in France a few months later by joining AC Ajaccio. "After three games in the CFA, they made me sign my first professional contract in 2015, He says. This club met me as a member of his family. " He was 19 years old and has not stopped since then.

Satisfied in League 1 (St-Etienne) after his first full season in Corsica (32 starts in L2), in 2016 he finally arrived at Olympiacos a year later. In Piraeus, he has a very strong connection with Takis Limonis, his coach from September 2017 to January 2018, before thanking him. "I became like a father", he trusts. "He even took a few hours to come and see my daughter after birth. " This attachment to the Greek club does not prevent him from having ambitions for the rest of his career. "I do not want to burn the footsteps, I've always been patient, and I'll let my agents (Play Eleven and SMASH Conseil, ed) manage all of this, but if I have the chance to join a more prestigious club, why not go there? " His latest performances have increased his rating (currently estimated at 4 million euros) Transfermarkt), which may take a little height depending on its course in Egypt from June 21st. "Of course, CAN will be a good opportunity for me to have more visibility", admits Cissé. Three days before the list was announced, Pickney's rock is well aware that it is at the dawn of a new turning point in her young career.

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