Wednesday , June 16 2021

Presidential 2019: The five candidates in the government recorded their first statement

The five candidates who run for the presidential election on February 24th recorded their first statement in Senegal Radio Broadcasting (RTS) on Saturday – a seven-minute spot to be broadcast on Sunday. , the first day of the election campaign, at 21:00.

According to the results of the withdrawal, conducted by the National Audiovisual Regulatory Commission (CNRA), Candidate Madike Coalition 2019, Master Madike Niang, was the first to pass and carefully expand the red carpet. for the case at the main entrance to the RTS building.

He was followed by outgoing President Mackay Sal. The candidate for his own property arrived with a reduced protocol on board a gray sedan. He was accompanied by Prime Minister Mahamed Bun Abdala Dion and several Coalition members Benno Bok Yakar (BBY, Presidential Movement).

After the head of state was the order of the candidate of the Party of Unity and Rally (PUR, opposition), Professor Isa Sol quietly crossed the RTS doors with five allies.

Party candidate Remi Idrisa Sek and party candidate Pas Oumane Sonko came in the afternoon to record with his closest associates.

All five candidates received an official ceremony. Graved by the general manager of the RTS and his team, they were in turn honored to honor before entering a studio where they were treated with new HD equipment.

When they left, everyone talked to the many journalists covering the first presentation of the candidates.

"The way of sponsorship was a difficult road, the omnipotent allowed me to cross it. Today I just talked to the Senegalese, who are convinced that my message will be heard and more than ever decided to do everything of course but especially to win , "Said MadicKé Niang.

Candidate Mackay Sal says he has "walked with the RTS with great emotion at this important moment."

"But I would like to say that I am conducting these elections in a spirit of calm and especially in a spirit of calm and courtesy to my competitors, and I intend to go with my coalition, BBY coalition, a coalition of the great presidential majority hoping to win this election and that from the first round, "he said.

He also called for peace, stating that "in peace is that candidates will be able to express their suggestions, opinions and that sovereigns will be able to appreciate."

Satisfied with the admission and the way his registration took place, candidate Isa Sal said he now only wants the Senegalese vote.

He said to himself "quite calm and very confident, ready to swear in a month".

Also welcoming the professionalism of RTS agents, Idrisa Sek says he has devoted his first message to the Senegalese and "rejects the main axes of the program he intends to lead."

He also hopes that "the election campaign, as polls are conducted in a climate in which each Senegal can express their choice, and that the authorities ensure that this choice is reflected very clearly without changing the results after the election. ".

"We have formulated an introductory message and pray that this campaign will be suitable for all candidates, for Senegal, in peace and friendship and that in a democratic way the best candidate, the Senegalese will make their choice, will gain in transparent conditions to save the cost of the post-war dispute, "Osweene Sonko said.

He confirmed that "it is the Senegalese privilege to be one of the four Senegalese of fourteen million who will have the right to vote for their fellow countrymen.

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