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Price of Tourgeville (L): Delaware in his garden


Price of Tourgeville (L): Delaware in his garden

Preserved for the 3-year-old, the Prix de Tourgeville (listed 1600 meters – 55,000 euros) allowed Delaware to shine again in the fur of Prince Khalid Abdullah after the wonderful success of Enable, Saturday at Ascot.

I immediately saw in the foreground with Influence (4 – Mr. Barzalona), Delaware
(1 – V. Cheminaud)
I got rid of it halfway straight and got it
placed out of reach of their opponents to win Price of Tourgeville (L) this Sunday, July 28 in Deauville.

The border of Andre Fabr, who had opened his charts
on the same track last summer, won its first list, the most
great joy of Vincent Heminaud: "This
comes out of the stalls very well and you have to drop it. He is a very good horse
manageable and then fully given. The last time he was beaten by
super horse. He particularly appreciated the traces of Deauville and it was
very beautiful today. I hope he will ripen again and that he
a category can be uploaded. "

Second is the privilege of Dan (7 – C. Soumillon), who ran well after waiting
sixth position, before Dave (6 – Mr
, who follows the future winner before struggling for a long time
first access.

Johan Gerard,
28/07/2019 17:26:00

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